ART Static IP

How do I give the ART VM a static IP address?

Get to the command line, edit two files and run a command.
With the VMware Infrastructure client (or VMware Server), select the ART VM.  The Console tab should show you a splash screen with the TSMworks and ART logos, and a login box beneath them. Log in as username “art”, password “tsmworks”.  Then right-click anywhere on the screen background and pick Terminal to get a command-line prompt.
Type “sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces”; the nano editor displays that file.  Make the last section look something like this:# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
replace with an address you know won’t cause conflicts on your network; your netmask is often  If so, set “network” to “address” but with a xero for the last digit, and “broadcast” to “Address” with 255 for the last number. Find gateway by running ipconfig (Windows) or ifconfig (Unix) on a working machine that’s on the same network as ART.

Type “sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf”; the nano editor displays that file.  Make it look something like this:


Replace “” with whatever your domain uses (“”, for example) and the nameserver with your DNS server – again, from ipconfig or ifconfig.

Then run these commands:

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
sudo killall -9 dhclient3

and try to browse to your IP address.

Contact if this doesn’t work.  We’ll be glad to help.