About Us

Our mission:

To create leading-edge software that addresses genuine problems in the Tivoli Storage Manager market.

Our story:

Over the past eight years, hundreds of corporate clients (both in the U.S. and Europe) have shared their problems and ideas with us. We’ve created solutions for them that save time, save money, and make TSM more reliable.

Now we’re developing add-ons for the Tivoli Storage Manager market. These products won’t be like most Enterprise Software.

  • They will install easily.
  • Each one will fix a specific problem.
  • They will show you things you’ve never seen before.

Our breadth of experience, coupled with advanced software development methodologies and a total focus on Tivoli Storage Manager, gives us an edge no other company can boast.

Who we are:


CEO Lindsay Morris:

Mr. Lindsay Morris has been a certified TSM expert since 1998. A 25-year software veteran, he founded Servergraph in 2000. As Lead Architect, he streamlined storage operations at dozens of Fortune 500 Tivoli Storage Manager sites.  Servergraph’s success led to its acquisition by Rocket software in 2006, where Mr. Morris served as Product Manager until 2007, when he left to found TSMworks.

Mr. Morris often speaks at TSM Symposia, SHARE, and various TSM User groups.

Development Manager Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson has been in the enterprise software business for over 12 years as a software engineer, software architect and product manager.  He has worked with most of the hot technologies du jour over the years including C++, Objective-C, Java, Python and Ruby on Rails. Sean works with interesting new ventures, lending his technical talent and experience in exchange for the opportunity to work with great people who are trying to change their corner of the world for the better with a new idea.

Lead Developer Heitzso

Heitzso (Yates-oh) has 3 years experience in Ruby and Rails development, and 20+ years in software development and System Administration. A physical and mental giant, there’s apparently no problem he can’t solve. We like that. A lot.

Operations Manager Nancy Dennis

Ms. Nancy Dennis has been working with TSM and storage since 2004. As Chief Technical Writer for Servergraph, her clarity of thought frequently pushed developers to resolve inconsistencies in the design of the product.  In addition to managing technical communications, her talent for systems and detail benefits infrastructure, accounting, and all other back-office operations at TSMworks.

Support Engineer Jeff Terrell

Jeff is working on his PhD in Computer Science.  He knows four operating systems, most of the network protocols, and solutions to all the problems our customers might run into.

Contacting us:

TSMworks is based in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area of central North Carolina. Home to two major universities and a center of technological innovation, the Research Triangle offers both quality of life and technological excitement.

By email:

General information: info@tsmworks.com

Sales, demos, technical information or pricing: sales@tsmworks.com

Support: support@tsmworks.com

By phone:

Office: 1-919-403-8260

Fax: 1-866-403-8819