BRT: Backup Repair Tool

Backup Repair Tool replaces expensive, unstructured manual processes for resolving missed/failed backups.

BRT lets your operators analyze missed-backup problems, and repair them with one click – or none!

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Large TSM sites usually have 50 -100 missed backups every morning.  Typically, the Operations team has to:

  • Create a Trouble Ticket for each one
  • Remote-Desktop to the problem client
  • Study log files, configuration files, examine services, query the TSM server, …
  • Issue TSM client or server commands to fix the problem
  • Close the trouble ticket
  • Hope it doesn’t fail again tonight!

BRT structures and automates this expensive, confusing, manual process.  A 45-minute task happens in 3 minutes, with BRT – or even automatically!

BRT usually pays for itself in 6 months or less.


One-Page Summary   ROI Spreadsheet  Download